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tire and rim Cleaning

Extra Care Services

Deluxe Packages

we also offer one step ceramic coating

Ceramic coat

A true ceramic coating such as the System X that we are certified to install and apply to vehicles for superior protection, is a liquid polymer that is applied by hand into the outside of a car or truck after a complete decontamination phase and often a buff polish to lock in shine and remove surface swirls and scratches. The ceramic coating adds a thin layer of protection like a shield on top of the existing clear coat to ensure that your vehicle is protected from the elements and that the vehicle is easy to clean and maintain since debris, dirt and contaminates won’t stick to the surface. Ceramic coating creates a bond with a car's paint so that it won't wash away or break down like a wax coating. This eliminates the need for repeat applications.

Paste wax

The most traditional wax formulation puts a thick, protective layer over a vehicle's clear coat. Due to its dense consistency, paste wax takes longer to apply, but it also lasts longer on a car's surface. Reapplication time can be anywhere from three to six months.

Every car deserves a good wax paste wax with clay bar

Spray wax

Composed of a blend of natural wax and synthetic polymers to offer a good defense against UV rays. This wax will give the vehicle a good shine, and lasts up to eight weeks.

Removing Odor from Automobiles

Removing that unpleasant smell from your vehicle can often be a tough task, that requires professionals to identify where the odor is really coming from. However, once that is out of the way, the detailing process is quite straightforward. Before opting for a standard vacuuming process, a professional will use car shampoo with enzymes, specially made for this process.
Once the vehicle has been thoroughly cleaned of any excess debris with shampoo, a steam cleaning process may be employed by the professional to ensure that the odor is permanently dealt with. Typically, this requires cleaning all the mats, seats, dashboard, and other areas of the car that leave behind dirt and stains.

never drive your car thru a machine again

Car wash facts

A university-based bacterial study on used cars discovered that car interiors can often be dirtier than a toilet! Research results found that 146 types of bacteria were identified on the steering wheel of these vehicles. Yes, probably a good reason to regularly schedule complete car sanitization at a mobile car wash.

Pet hair facts

Most dog owners will need to take their pets in the car at some point. According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), 80% of dog owners take their dogs in the car frequently. However, traveling with pets in the car can be a messy business. The hair, dirty paws and pet smells can quickly result in an untidy or unhealthy vehicle. Pet odors will also build up.

pet hair removal on all carpets
Engine bay cleaning is good to optimize your cars performance

Engine bay

Cleaning your car’s engine is necessary for a variety of reasons. It makes a car appear well-maintained and taken care of, which can get you a good resale price. Aside from that, some experts believe that a clean engine that doesn’t contain any gunk or dirt, grease or oil enables it to run cooler. In other words, it can play a role in preventing overheating.

The major benefit of keeping an engine clean is the cosmetic appeal it adds to the vehicle’s look under the bonnet. This is a big plus for used car buyers. Other advantages of cleaning an engine include:
Regular engine cleaning helps identify problems that can harm your vehicle’s performance You can prevent dirt, gunk, oil and grease from harming your engine’s appearance
Prevention from rusting Keeping the outlets interior passageways free of dirt clogging
Identifying where oil or grease is coming from like a leaky valve-cover gasket can help isolate small problems like minor oil leaks Oil and grease accelerate the wear of plastic parts and rubber hoses, using a degreaser to clean off the gunk saves you from expensive repairs
* Engine bay cleaning also enables drivers to examine their car’s oil levels and accessory belts

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